Planet HS Registration Directions

Here are the quick account instructions.  You may set up the parent account and player account using your smart phones.  You will need to set up each account separately.   (2 phones–  if your child does not have a smartphone you will need to set up the account using a computer.)

It’s easier if you set up the player account first.
On your child’s phone Text S658 to 69274.
You will receive a text message with a link to Planet HS to set up the player account.
Very Important— once the player account is set up– click the Link Parent Account tab—  Enter the parent cell number or email  here and Planet HS will send a text to the parent phone to set up the parent account..  This will link both accounts. (I strongly suggest using your cell number)
All forms will be completed online by the parent and player–This will only take about 10 minutes.  You will need your insurance information to complete the forms.
You must upload a copy of the Player Physical and Birth Certificate.  You can do this by taking a picture of both with your phone and uploading.  You may also scan them in from a computer.
Very Important   Here are the some of the common mistakes parents make uploading…
1)  They confuse the history form with the physical.  Complete the History form online..   The physical form is the form that the Doctor signs and dates.
2)  Make sure the physical form has your child’s name printed at the top and the Doctor signs and dates the physical.  It must be dated after April 1st, 2020 to be good for this year.
3)  The parent and player must log on and digitally sign all forms for them to be approved.
4)   I check the physical and birth certificate for accuracy.  If there is something missing–I will decline the form and Arbiter will send you a text or email with details on why the form was declined.
I’ve used this system for a couple of years–it’s very user-friendly once you figure it out.  If you need any help–contact the head coach, Coach Radford, or Coach Howell.
Thanks so much!
Let us know if you need help!